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Digital Transformation is a specialist type of vCIO consulting that focuses on using technology to transform the products and services that organisations deliver to their customers. Great digital strategies are just as much about people and process change as they are about technology changes. Ultimately, effective change management is at the heart of a successful transformation strategy.

Practical advice for your Digital Transformation journey

i7S is provider to provide the best advice to small and medium-sized organisations across Canada.

Advice is delivered by a team of consultants who bring their different specialist qualifications so you can leverage a range of expert knowledge. This expertise extends across all market verticals including healthcare, financial services, banking, constructions, professional services, and technology companies.

End to end expertise means one partner to deal with

Instead of recruiting a consultant with specific strengths and gaps, i7S can provide the right consultant at the right time – security consultants for compliance, infrastructure experts to provide input into change options, change management leaders to help embed change with people, along with business analysts and process experts.

Real world advice instead of complexity

Our consultants have real-world, hands-on experience with embedding change in a variety of organisations, including our own. Through rapid growth and constant change, we have helped organisations grow and transform themselves.

Digital Transformation is a process, not an event

i7S understands the process of embedding change deep into an organisation and its people.f client services designed to keep your team moving.

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