End User

The flexibility your staff want,
with the control you need.

Flexibility and Control

Make your life easier when managing your end-users. Today’s IT environment means giving staff the freedom to work anywhere, on a range of devices. While also maintaining control over how those devices are managed. We can help you achieve both aims and reduce your administration burden.

Device Management

Use the best device management process for your organisation. With i7S, you can deploy a traditional standard operating environment across your end-users. We will set it up, test, roll-out via our staging facilities and national network, and maintain it.

Alternatively, our specialists can provide a more agile solution, which allows customisation to the end user. By leveraging the power of the Azure platform, we can give staff the flexibility they want, while controlling licencing, versioning and security remotely.


Keep your staff fully connected with our extensive range of mobility solutions. Mobility today is more than connecting emails on your smartphone or remote desktop access.

To work from anywhere your staff need 24/7 access to company information, collaboration tools, integrated telephony solutions, reliable connections and equipment, and comprehensive security.

Procurement Savings

Save time and money on sourcing your hardware and software licencing. Our team of procurement specialists and extra buying power means you can let us do the legwork, while you get back to business. We can assist with financing, including hardware-as-service, warranty claims, asset tracking and much more.

Simple End-User

Ask i7solutions about how we can make managing your end-users easier.