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Freshworks provides innovative customer engagement software for businesses of all sizes, making it easy for teams to acquire, close, and win customers for life.

The Freshworks cloud-based suite of products is designed to work tightly together to increase collaboration and help teams better connect and communicate with their customers and co-workers. The products provide a 360-degree view of the customer, are ready to go, easy to use, and offer a quick return on investment.

Build meaningful connections with customers

By leveraging a CRM, businesses can capture the complete customer lifecycle—right from prospect to lead to customer. Such analysis and details can help businesses identify their target audience, lead scores, reviewing previous conversations with a customer, assess the sales pipeline, log calls, send emails, and also track leads. Sales managers can use the CRM software to pull customized reports that give them insights into the performance of their sales team.

Minimize data entry

The biggest issue of traditional CRM is the “Data Entry”. Our Freshsales CRM feature capabilities help minimize and automate mundane tasks like creating leads from sign up forms, triggering welcome emails and drip campaigns for new leads. And you don’t need to go here and there. Everything you can do from the single Window. Unlike spreadsheets and email, a CRM solution can help businesses collaborate tasks in real time. The best part is – the Mobile Phone Application, wherein your sales team on the field can feed the basic needed information of the captured lead, and you are good to build upon that data to convert into the opportunity and thereby into the numbers.

Enhance communication

The CRM acts as a single source of truth for sales managers and sales teams alike by eliminating information gaps and improves visibility across the organization. It also helps enhance customer relationships since the customer hears a consistent voice and support from your business. More often, customers gets the messages/communications from the business related to personal occasional greetings, customized solutions of the hour, support within SLA framework. This ultimately increases the customer satisfaction thereby improvising on sales figures and revenue growth.

Build healthier pipelines

A CRM enables businesses to visualize pipeline, thereby making it easier for sales teams to prioritize deals and go after them. This results in increased focus and also ensures pipelines remain clog-free and sales teams remain committed to the bottom line.

Achieve higher revenue

Due to a top-line view of customers at all times, sales teams can tap into cross-selling and up-sell opportunities at the right time, thereby improving their chances of success. Not only that, since you build a better connect with the customer, it also helps limit the chances of customer churn.

More collaboration =
a strong business

CRM information and details can also be leveraged by marketing and support teams to provide a more contextual approach. Marketing teams can plan targeted and personalized campaigns, and support can respond to tickets using the sales context.

Our Platform. Your Vision.

Leverage a flexible, end-to-end, AI powered enterprise platform to unify customer experiences, enhance employee productivity and empower an ecosystem of developers and partners. Scale with the power of Freshworks Neo.


Why your business needs CRM consulting

With the right ITSM solution, businesses will be able to standardize the delivery of IT services within an organization, based on budgets, human resources, processes, and results.An IT desk combines separately managed IT processes into a unified program that is in sync with business goals. By investing in a service desk, businesses can improve the alignment between business and IT, enhance agility, reduce costs, improve profitability, reduce regulatory and security risks, and improve satisfaction with IT.

Standardization and integration

By leveraging an ITSM solution, businesses can standardize IT procedures across departments and divisions. Using ITSM tools that are especially designed to support those functions is a rational extension of an ITSM framework. Businesses can leverage ITSM tools can workflow management software that can help IT staff work more effectively. Such software solutions and ITSM tools yield several ITSM benefits such as streamlining processes that can be implemented in other parts of the organization too.

Enhanced ROI

An enterprise invests heavily in ITSM frameworks and the payback is well worth it. One of the key ITSM benefits is improved business ROI. However, one of the best ways to realize this benefit is to deploy ITSM tools that are specifically designed for particular tasks. ITSM tools ensure that everything is standardized, integrated and consistent across the business. Several ITSM tools are suites of programs where each tool offers ITSM benefits for the company with different, simultaneously, ensuring they work together seamlessly.

Lesser time and effort

One key ITSM benefit is that it affords teams the capability to manage the workflow process in more detail, which in turn help identify processes that need simplification. Workflow management software also enables the automation of certain steps in a procedure, which reduces time and effort, thereby shortening the margin of error.


To better understand what a workflow process looks like, ITSM tools enable quick and easy visualization of process workflows. Due to ITSM benefits, it also enables the ability to exactly pinpoint where a process needs to be simplified by rearranging steps, removing redundant steps and automating steps. Through visualization, businesses can also run cost-benefit analyses, thereby reducing the time required in estimating if a procedural change will decrease time and costs.

Reduced costs

By leveraging the ITSM tools capabilities of visually reviewing a workflow, IT professionals can derive conclusions regarding changes that are viable, and organizations can process regulations that will save money. ITSM may potentially seem like a huge outlay at the beginning, but ITSM benefits far surpass the costs and benefits.

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