IT Procurement


Take the pain out of IT Procurement

i7S has a team of specialist IT procurement experts to handle your hardware, software and licensing requirements, across a multitude of vendors.

When you buy IT equipment or software licenses as part of a service agreement, you won’t need to worry about specifications, compatibility or whether it will cause ongoing problems. Your Technical Account Manager and our procurement experts will take care of all that for you.

The i7S Advantage

Access wholesale and special bid pricing

Millions of dollars in hardware buying power translates into lower prices for our customers.

Warranty Returns and DOA processing

We’re happy to organize warranty returns for faulty items, and in many cases, we’ll have spare parts available to provide coverage while you wait for replacements.


Hardware and licensing expertise

Let our experts do the research on the hardware you need. We’ll guarantee it’s the right part!

Source Hard-to-find parts

Our procurement experts can often locate hard-to-find parts when others are out of stock

Asset Management

Our hardware and software asset tracking systems integrate with your Support Plan for an integrated asset tracking and lifecycle management solution.

Let us take care of your procurement

Save time, money and the hassle involved with purchasing your hardware and software.




Simple End-User Management