Private Cloud
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Helping firms to make the best technology decisions for their unique and ever-evolving private infrastuctures. Let us design, host and manage your private cloud hosting. By re-purposing your hardware and using our infrastructure and cloud gurus, we can host your applications on a efficient dedicated private cloud.

Private Cloud Solutions

We are experts in providing fully integrated solutions across data centers, the core network, cloud infrastructure, and the entire portfolio that sit across them.
Our design services span the full range of IT infrastructure and are not limited to the data center.

Cloud Control
Cloud-delivered SD-WAN

If you’re interested in gaining improved connectivity and data transport among your business’ locations, SD-WAN may be an ideal solution for you. Organizations are shifting to SD-WAN to ensure seamless cloud migration, reduced costs, infrastructure automation, and improved user collaboration.
When your SD-WAN is delivered by the cloud, you can leverage your WAN architecture for branch office agility and better app performance.

Advanced Technology
Our Smart Cloud is built small and flexible

Secure network, server and storage modules are joined and configured to meet your requirements on-demand.
This provides a much lower level of contention than multi-tenanted systems and a greater ability to customise.

i7 solutions
  1. If your company is considering the switch to a virtual environment to better utilize your compute and storage, i7 Solutions can help. We have experience with all of the major virtualization platforms, and a positive track record assisting companies of various backgrounds with the transition.
  2. We have the VMWare specialists that businesses trust to care for their virtualized infrastructure.
  3. i7 Solutions provides hyper-convergence technology (HCI) infrastructure solution to integrate computing, storage, and networking and build a robust private cloud.
Protect your Data
Ensure Business Survival
End-to End
End-to End Support
Our service doesn’t stop at the Data Centre.

We provide comprehensive ITIL based end-user help desk, on-site and application support options. With detailed customisable monitoring, alerts and thresholds, at the application level; not just the Server level.

Smarter Private Cloud

i7 Solutions are experts in IT Strategy because we know what it’s like to support end users, implement networks and application software, and to provide user training and change management.