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The number of cloud providers is growing almost daily, especially at the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) layer. Understanding what services to take from a Public Cloud provider as opposed to Private Cloud or in-house can be complex, and we are here to help design, install, embed and manage your cloud infrastructure.

your journey
to the cloud

We make your move to Microsoft Azure or AWS a pretty slick process. Our team of Cloud gurus are here to provide you with expert access, architecture and design. Once you’re up and running in the cloud, our cloud services team will assist with continuous efficiency and optimization of your cloud tenant meaning you can keep tight control of security, resources and cost.

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Public Cloud Services

Our expertise across end-user support, infrastructure, networks, applications, and security means that we always look at the big picture when it comes to Managed Cloud solutions.
Engineers and project managers at i7 Solutions have broad experience when it comes to migrating organisations to public cloud. Our job is to make the process as seamless as possible for your staff – reducing downtime and risk while taking advantage of everything that a cloud solution offers.

Choose the right
Public Cloud provider
Cloud provider
We can help you select the right Public Cloud provider by:
  1. Evaluating requirements across the business
  2. Understanding how and where staff need to access data
  3. Analysing bandwidth, latency and other performance needs
  4. Evaluating migration options (both in and out) as well as data ownership and sovereignty
  5. Ensuring security, permissions and access meet your needs
  6. Designing and implementing integrations with other providers or applications
Choose the right
Public Cloud provider
Get the most from Public Cloud

Let i7 Solutions help you with the cloud infrastructure that best suits your organization.