Software Selection


Buying software is easy. Living with the wrong choice is hard.

Selecting software in today’s interconnected and dynamic world presents challenges which few organisations are truly prepared for. In the past, software applications operated largely independently of other systems. However, evaluating the suitability of software today often extends well beyond the core application and into its eco-system of connected apps, operating environments, support structures, security, and numerous other considerations.

Get the Requirements Right

Requirements gathering is often the first step to understanding what software to implement and leverage to solve business problems. This area requires just the right approach – asking the right people may not mean just asking management.

Processes and People

Implementing a shiny, new software system is the first step. But adjusting processes and training people is critical to any software project’s success. Too many new software applications with a great projected return on investment fail when it comes to implementation time.

Does it Play Well with Others?

If you use multiple different systems to run your business, integration or how well applications can share data with each other is critical. Inadequate or unreliable integration between systems costs time and can introduce errors.

Risk Evaluation

Whilst beautiful on the outside, are the mechanics of an application under the hood exposing the organisation to too much risk? Potential risk implications could relate to data security, data sovereignty, infrastructure, and support options.

Take the headache out of Software Selection

Let i7S manage your software selection project so you can concentrate on business today.




Why Outsource?

Organisations can only expend so much energy on changing software applications. Outsourcing the selection process reduces the time lost from client-facing activities. While a successful selection means the process only needs to occur once.

Unbiased Advice

Everyone has their own opinion, past experience, and personal agenda. Using a good software selection process, through a vendor-neutral external advisor, can help all stakeholders see the bigger picture more clearly.

Skip Some Iterations

Changing software platforms can be evolutionary, but this takes time and money. Short-cut the process with experienced advice, so you can save time and focus instead on embedding the change and leveraging it to make a difference to your organisation.

Make a Difference with the Right Applications

Whether migrating between applications or needing support for your existing software, we’re here to help.