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Sophos MDR Explained


Get an instant SOC.

  • Our team of global cybersecurity experts monitors your environment 24/7.

  • If a threat is detected we immediately take action and notify you.

  • Our experts can eliminate the threat, identify the root cause, and provide guidance on stopping similar threats in the future.



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Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager

Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager is a set of data services that provide simple and cost-effective data migration from any S3-compliant storage to the Wasabi cloud.

Wasabi customers can also use it to replicate buckets across Wasabi storage regions within the same continent. Use it to:

  • Reduce storage costs

  • Avoid cloud lock-in and expensive egress fees

  • Protect your data from local disasters

  • Increase performance across locations

Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager’s intuitive administrative interface makes it easy to configure storage parameters, and move and replicate data to optimize cost, performance, and protection.

Contact us for further details.

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